Avoiding Indoor Tanning Damage to Your Skin


  • It is important to remember that indoor tanning involves the use of dangerous UV rays which may cause long-term damage to the skin if you’re not careful. A good way to protect yourself against skin damage is to always follow tanning instructions to the letter. At the same time, you may want to consult tanning professionals as soon as you start experiencing any tingling, prickling, or stinging sensations when tanning.

tanning damage

  • This being said, indoor tanning isn’t all that dangerous if you know what you’re doing. In fact, indoor tanning is a lot safer than outdoor tanning because you can regulate your exposure to UV rays according to your skin type and how sensitive it is. You must remember, however, to take the necessary steps when preparing yourself for indoor tanning sessions, preparations which will include tanning lotions and skin moisturizers.
  • A good way to ensure that your skin is well-prepared to UV exposure is to exfoliate it daily for one week before your first tanning session. For this purpose, you can use a body pouf with gentle soap, or a specially designed exfoliating soap. Then comes the application of indoor tanning lotion and moisturizer, which is a delicate process. When doing it, always remember to apply the lotion in circular strokes all over your body for even coverage.
  • You should also keep in mind that outdoor tanning lotions can and will damage indoor tanning beds because of the chemicals they contain. Therefore, always use indoor tanning lotions for the job, even if you have to choose one that you are unfamiliar with or one that seems a bit pricey. We should point out that some of these lotions already contain moisturizers intended to hydrate your skin during the tanning process, meaning that you won’t have to worry with rubbing anything else but tanning lotion on your skin beforehand.
  • It is also important to figure out what exactly are you going to wear during the tanning process. While some people like wearing bathing suits or undergarments, others prefer to not wear anything at all. You should also remove any jewelry you might have before getting onto a tanning bed because they can not only cause ugly white, but they can also cause burning damage in the areas where they touch the skin.
  • Last but not least, remember to protect your eyes from UV rays with appropriate eye protection gear which can be acquired from the tanning salon. At the same time, avoid looking at UV rays inside the tanning bed as UV rays can cause night blindness, retinal ulcers, or even blindness if the exposure is serious enough. Furthermore, try to avoid cosmetics and perfumes while tanning because many cosmetics contain photosensitive ingredients which may cause rashes, blotching, or burning sensations when exposed to UV rays.